• Cricket Captain 2017

    The best Cricket Management simulation returns for 2017

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  • Z Steel Soldiers

    Get ready to kiss your shiny metal butt goodbye!

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Latest News

Cricket Captain 2017 released

With the most significant expansion of domestic teams in its history, 130 playable domestic teams across 8 countries. It’s time for cricket fans to put their tactical expertise to the test.

Cricket Captain 2016 released

Developed in association with Chris Rogers, captain of Somerset, Cricket Captain 2016 has more playable teams, new South African and New Zealand leagues, and more great features than ever before.

Z Steel Soldiers out now on iOS!

Meet the new breed of robots with a taste for war, and a warped sense of humor. When you take control of your Steel Soldiers unit, get ready to hit the ground running, as you take some superb war machinery straight into the heat of battle..